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RC Travel Pit Bag

Scorpion is delighted to announce our new RC Travel Pit Bag is a compact, multi-purpose travel carrier that can be use for about any of your R/C needs.  Its design and proportions allow you to store and transfer just about any combination of compact R/C equipment you desire.  With a total of 3 drawers, there is enough room for a 1/10 scale buggy or touring car as well as room for radio gear, tools, tires, or various other R/C gear.

This top of the line R/C travel pit bag will work great for RC storage and transportation needs!

Compact size 540mm x 300mm x 525mm for 1/10th vehicle, great to keep tools and tires in

Extra tough fabric, handle and straps, heavy-duty stitching throughout

3- Composite inner drawers 470mm x 215mm x 140mm (inner size) with handles

Full-length composite inner liner

Removable tool organizer can stow drivers snug inside elastic loops and easily go from the bag to your workbench or pit space at the track

External pockets for extra storage



RS-3420 series brushless car motors

Scorpion is delighted to announce our new Scorpion RS-3420 series brushless car motors!!!

These motors are designed to meet and comply with all standards set forth by IFMAR for use in 1/10th and 1/12th scale electric powered RC racing cars.  Scorpion motors are designed from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of racing enthusiasts, and are built with efficient, high-temperature components that allow them to produce the maximum power and speed that is possible.  Years of research and development by top engineers and hands on testing by professional drivers has allowed us to make the RS-3420 series the best motors available on the market today!

Features include patented screw-type rotor surface, built-in cooling fan, temperature sensors and more.  Please visit us to find out more about our RS-3420 motors.

ESC Software v1.0.0 released!

We are extremely happy to announce the availability of ESC Software v1.0.0 for download. Please visit one of the following links to download a new version. 

XP version:

Win7 version: